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ANCHOR LEAD: Last year over forty-thousand home electrical fires happened - some from faulty products, old wiring, overloaded circuits and improperly used extension chords. Kate Brookes finds out what homeowners can be doing to better protect their families and homes. (:60)

SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Kate Brookes. Every year home electrical fires cause nearly five-hundred deaths and over a billion-dollars in property damage. That's why Siemens' Kevin Yates says it's important to know the latest technologies designed to protect property and save lives.

CUT: (Yates) There have been some great advancements in technology over the past several years. One such device would be a combo AFCI which essentially can help prevent a fire from an unseen arc or sparking issue behind the walls of your home.

SCRIPT: Yates also suggests that lightning may be causing a problem for your home's pelectrical system.

CUT: (Yates) The way you can take a precaution is either at the wall outlet put in a surge protection device, or if you want to take the maximum protection for your home – install a surge protection device in your load center that protects your entire home from a surge of power from a lightning strike.

SCRIPT: For more, log onto USA-dot-Siemens-dot-com-slash-whole-house-safety. That's Technology Now from Siemens.
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