Unique Partnership Opens Doors for Chicago Kids to Cash and College



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ANCHOR LEAD: To any graduating high school senior, a college education is a chance to get the tools needed for success later in life. But, what happens when that student doesn't have the financial support he or she needs? Brian Osuch has more. (:60)

SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Over the past 10-years, Chicago Public Schools' students have been gaining access to higher education thanks to more than 200-million dollars in scholarships from Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs. Taylor Dorlus is a 2013 scholarship award winner.

CUT: (Dorlus) It was really emotional because I wanted to go to school all my life. So, when they called my name it was breathtaking… so I got really emotional.

SCRIPT: That's where Siemens comes in, by hosting the annual event in Chicago where HBCUs are connected to hundreds of the City's high achievers. Siemens' Steve Hoiberg…

CUT: (Hoiberg) It demonstrates the highest level of corporate citizenship, but more importantly, it provides opportunities for the best and brightest from Chicago Public Schools.

SCRIPT: Hoiberg adds this is a commitment to students that helps them move past geographic and financial barriers.

CUT: (Hoiberg) I think when students take advantage of these scholarships, that it is evidence of their commitment to a higher education and bettering themselves as individuals.

SCRIPT: For more information, go to USA.Siemens.com. That's Newsbreak from Siemens.
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