The Lung Cancer Alliance and Siemens Healthcare Announce New "Give a Scan for the Holidays" Program



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ANCHOR LEAD: Two well-known organizations are joining forces to help those affected by lung cancer… and you may be able to do your part in saving lives. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60)

SCRIPT: Technology NOW, I'm Brian Osuch. Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., and now those impacted by the disease can help speed up the development of more effective diagnostic tools and treatments. The Lung Cancer Alliance's Laurie Fenton Ambrose…

CUT: (Ambrose) Give a Scan is the first of its kind - people powered CT scanning project. It allows patients to donate their images to an open access website. That then, allows researchers to use these tools to help advance their investigation.

SCRIPT: Siemens Healthcare, is one of the leading providers of low-dose CT scans used to detect lung cancer. Siemens' Dr. Gregory Sorensen…

CUT: (Sorensen) Lung cancer is just an area where Siemens' technology can really make a difference. It can really save lives, and so by sponsoring the Give a Scan Alliance program, we'll allow patients to become partners in discovery and this new breakthrough technology allows for early diagnosis that's been shown to reduce mortality by at least 20%.

SCRIPT: For more, go to Lung-Cancer-Alliance-dot-org. That's Technology NOW from Siemens.
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