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ANCHOR LEAD: The sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. And that's a big hurdle for communities using or considering the use of renewable energy sources like wind or solar power. However, Brian Osuch has more from a global leader in electronics and electrical engineering about how this problem could be a thing of the past. (:60)

SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Brian Osuch. The unpredictable nature of renewable energy can create rapid fluctuations in power demand that must be quickly managed to maintain a stable supply of energy to the power grid. That's why the El Segundo Energy Center is using Siemens Flex Plant technology. Siemens' Martin Tartibi says the plant's fast start capability can power up in as little as ten-minutes, so consumers never experience a drop in available electricity.

CUT: (Tartibi) This was the vision that NRG and Siemens recognized several years ago that this need for renewable backup will be here. And this today is the realization of that dream.

SCRIPT: During startup, the Flex Plant saves the environment from the release of CO roughly equivalent to the amount produced by two hundred diesel trucks in operation for an hour.

CUT: (Tartibi) It's a game changing technology that combines the flexibility, the high efficiency, the fast start, and the environmental friendliness, all combined into one plant.

SCRIPT: For more, go to U-S-A-dot-Siemens-dot-com. That's Technology Now from Siemens.
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