• 14-MAR-2016

Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub Marks Completion of 700th Generator

During a special ceremony today at Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub, managers and employees celebrated completion of the plant’s 700th generator, which is destined for Duke Energy’s W.S. Lee Combined Cycle Plant in Anderson County, South Carolina.

Siemens welcomed representatives from Duke Energy for this milestone event, which featured the 700th generator positioned on a railcar ready for shipment. In addition to the SGen6-2000H hydrogen-cooled generator, the 750 MW power plant will feature other generators and gas turbine products also made at the Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub. The Duke Energy facility is expected to be operational in 2017.

“At Siemens’ Charlotte Energy Hub, we are guided by a commitment to excellence. From our first generator to our 700th, we have placed a strong focus on innovation, and that commitment will continue as we work to deliver reliable, efficient equipment for our customers,” said Tjeerd Ploeger, global head of Generator Manufacturing, who is based in Charlotte. “The completion of our 700th generator marks a special milestone for Siemens in Charlotte. I am pleased to recognize and congratulate our talented and dedicated employees for their hard work in making this impressive manufacturing achievement possible.”

The first generator built at the Charlotte facility shipped on May 21, 1997, to a cogeneration plant near Kathleen, Georgia, for customer Mid-Georgia. That plant is currently operated by Cogentrix. Since then, Siemens’ Charlotte Energy Hub facility has delivered units to more than 40 countries. The generators have a combined rating of more than 185 GW – enough electricity to power more than 148 million homes per year.

About Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub:

The Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub is the Company's worldwide hub for 60 Hz power generating equipment, with additional capabilities for the 50 Hz market. Since 1969, the facility has manufactured and serviced generators and steam turbines for the power generation market. In 2011, the facility added gas turbine production and service capabilities, and currently the facility employs 1,600 people. Charlotte's products range in size from 150 MW up to the largest nuclear sizes over 1600 MW.

About Siemens Corporation:

Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years.  With 343,000 employees in more than 200 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of approximately $98 billion in fiscal 2014. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $22.2 billion, including $5.2 billion in exports, and employs approximately 46,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

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