• 03-NOV-2014

Atlanta Streetcar

Siemens provided the city of Atlanta with a fleet of ultra-modern, electric streetcars for a 2.7 mile downtown route. This system will help revitalize a community that has long been divided by interstate highways for half a century. The streetcars were designed, engineered and constructed from the ground up at Siemens rail hub in Sacramento, CA. Sacramento is home to Siemens’ solar-powered rail manufacturing headquarters which is powered over 80% by a two megawatt solar installation and employs more than 800 highly-skilled men and women. A Siemens team in Alpharetta, just 25 miles north of downtown, was responsible for building a critical component of the streetcars’ propulsion system – the rooftop inverters that take electricity from the overhead lines and use it to power the trains.


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