• 27-JUL-2018

The Future of Sports: How Innovation Is Powering Recreation

The Internet of Things, cutting-edge sensor technology, advanced manufacturing, next generation software - the same technology that’s changing how we live and work is also changing the sports we love to watch and love to play. In the field and on the water, from stadiums to race car tracks, to your golf bag or tennis shoes. Siemens is helping our partners employ game-changing technology throughout the world of sports.
The perfect pitch: Grass is grass, right? Not anymore. Using sensor technology, the IoT and other advances, Siemens’ engineers are helping professional soccer clubs like Bayern Munich build a better soccer pitch. See how they’re doing it.
Enhancing the fan experience: From lighting that helps fans see the action more clearly, to automation systems that make it quicker and easier for fans to get into venues, to state-of-the-art displays that arm fans with more information than ever before, to new kinds of video security and fire control systems to keep everyone safe. New technology is transforming the experience for live sporting events.  Learn more about the stadium of the future.
Racing to the future: NASCAR racing is the kind of high-intensity environment where drivers must manage a host of ever-changing variables – from weather to track conditions and engine performance – and make split-second decisions while going 200 miles per hour.  But what if drivers had the ability to create a “digital twin” of their race cars and simulate the events of a race before rubber ever meets the road? What if they could use the streams of data that a race car produces to test different engine configurations, create new parts and predict performance in real time? That’s the future of racing being powered by technology right now.
Helping everyone compete: Lighter, stronger, faster materials. Customized equipment.  Connectivity and smart sensors that measure performance. These are the building blocks of a new generation of sporting goods. So, no matter if you’re a professional skier or a weekend hacker on the golf course, Siemens is developing and implementing new technology to help personalize and optimize the way you play for favorite sports


  • Richard Wachtel
    Social Media Manager
    United States