• 14-MAY-2018

Siemens USA Participates Coast to Coast in Infrastructure Week 2018

  • Siemens highlights digital infrastructure poised to improve air quality,  build a low- carbon economy, and enhance efficiency of building, energy and transportation systems for U.S. cities
  • Siemens Global CEO Joe Kaeser, incoming Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton, and Head of Urban Development Martin Powell address Infrastructure Week audiences across the country
  • New advancements rolled out during the week in key infrastructure areas: cyber security, autonomous buildings, resiliency and smart cities


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Siemens, a global leader in digital technologies and software with more than 50,000 employees in the U.S., is proud to once again partner with Infrastructure Week, a national effort led by mayors, city leaders, policymakers, business leaders, and infrastructure experts, to optimize U.S. infrastructure.

U.S. cities are grappling with a challenge – how to ensure that legacy infrastructure can connect and interact with the digital tools of today and tomorrow. Digital capabilities allow cities to dynamically reinvent the infrastructure they have from energy to buildings to transportation. Throughout the U.S., Siemens is working with more than 100 cities and helping to make static infrastructure flexible for the future. The company is pioneering secure approaches to connect city data through cloud-based platforms: to help water pumps live longer, make buildings self- sufficient, and to create additional rail capacity.

"Siemens has proven technology, expertise and innovation to make infrastructure work better than ever before for cities and for the people who live and work there. Our digital capabilities bring data to life and help cities unlock their potential when it comes to infrastructure investment. They support an improved quality of life and helps cities to remain competitive," said Barbara Humpton, incoming CEO of Siemens USA (as of June 1) and current CEO of Siemens Government Technologies.

Siemens leaders and infrastructure experts from across the company will participate in activities from coast to coast throughout the week to highlight the need to build infrastructure that is not only newer, but smarter. These activities include:

  • Monday, May 14th: Infrastructure Week Kickoff Event, Union Station, Washington, D.C. Barbara Humpton, incoming CEO of Siemens USA and current CEO of Siemens Government Technologies, will participate in a panel discussion on creating competitive, resilient and secure infrastructure for the 21st century;
  • Monday, May 14th: Infrastructure Week Kickoff Event, Union Station, Los Angeles, CA Martin Powell, Head of Urban Development for Siemens, will participate in a panel discussion on driving an urban renaissance in infrastructure in the 21st century;
  • Monday, May 14th: Atlanta Infrastructure Week Event, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, GA;
    Denise Quarles, Siemens’ City Account Manager, will participate in a panel on infrastructure, technology and IoT;
  • Siemens Global CEO Joe Kaeser will participate in a 1:1 conversation with Bloomberg Editor, Mark Miller;
  • Thursday, May 17th: Sustainable Real Assets Conference
    Bob Dixon, Head of Sustainability, Siemens USA, will deliver remarks;
Upcoming news highlights from Siemens during Infrastructure Week include:
  • Los Angeles partnered with Siemens to implement the City Performance Tool, in order to ensure the city’s infrastructure decisions align with its sustainability goals. The tool allows cities to unlock their data to evaluate the environmental and economic impact of building, transportation, and energy technologies to plan for the future, particularly in the face of increased electrified transportation needs.
  • The announcement of Siemens’ investments in US-based software and building technologies companies that will enhance Siemens Building Technologies digital portfolio.
  • Additional companies will sign on to  Siemens Charter of Trust, its capstone cybersecurity initiative that is driving commitment from industry leaders across the global to enhance cybersecurity efforts.
  • A close look at Siemens’ presence in New Orleans, a city that is built for resiliency and continues to thrive economically,
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