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Homes and businesses can often be left without power for days or weeks after a severe hurricane or blizzard. And with the growth of renewables, utilities and power operators are faced with bringing these intermittent resources... Read More
Today, as every year, Siemens will honor in Munich particularly ingenious researchers as Inventors of the Year. The winners of this year's award – ten scientists from Germany, Austria, the U.S and Denmark – are together... Read More
Austin, TX – On November 29th, Siemens and NXP Semiconductors hosted live Connected Vehicle demonstrations in downtown Tampa in conjunction with the Florida Autonomous Vehicle Summit. Participants were driven around the... Read More
Siemens provides $100,000 investment of automation hardware and trainingGov. Deal and thought leaders discuss the skills gap and economic opportunitiesSiemens-Kia-THINC foster public-private partnership for workforce trainingAt... Read More
Disrupting threats in the digital age to keep critical infrastructure up and runningThe convergence of software, data and connected devices, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, brings unprecedented... Read More
States across the U.S. to rely on the new Charger locomotives to power the next generation of clean, efficient and high-performance rail travelThe Tier 4-certified Siemens Charger locomotives will be among the cleanest in the... Read More
Siemens-built locomotives improve Amtrak service        WASHINGTON – Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) locomotive #670 enters revenue service this week, marking delivery of the 70th ACS-64... Read More
Infrastructure Matters: Better Infrastructure Means Building SmarterBy 2050, two-thirds of the world's population is expected to live in cities. With current U.S. infrastructure earning a D+ grade by The American Society of... Read More
Hannover Messe, held annually in Germany, is the world’s leading fair for industry technology.  Hannover Messe is more than a display of products, and as the show's largest and oldest exhibitor, Siemens will highlight how... Read More
The next step in 3D printing could be something called mobile manufacturing. Siemens researchers in Princeton, New Jersey have developed prototype spider-like robots that can work collaboratively to print structures and... Read More
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