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During a special ceremony today at Siemens Charlotte Energy Hub, managers and employees celebrated completion of the plant’s 700th generator, which is destined for Duke Energy’s W.S. Lee Combined Cycle Plant in Anderson County,... Read More
Siemens launched an apprenticeship program in 2011 at its Charlotte Energy Hub to create a pipeline of trained workers for the futureGraduates have completed requirements for Associate's Degree in Mechatronics and Journeyman... Read More
Study specifically evaluates broader economic impact totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in business sales and several thousand jobs through public transportation and energy efficiency building upgrades in two U.S. cities –... Read More
At a City Hall meeting today with Houston Mayor Annise Parker, Siemens Managing Board member Lisa Davis announced the opening of Siemens' new Oil & Gas Headquarters in Houston – serving the global Oil & Gas sector from the... Read More
The third of three Siemens H-Class gas turbines is en route to FPL's Port Everglades Next Generation Clean Energy Center in Florida. At the core of the advanced technology power plant are three Siemens SGT6-8000H gas turbines... Read More
* Panda Temple Power in Texas officially commissioned* Siemens' Flex-Plant configuration is ideal for balancing renewables* Power for approximately 750,000 homes in Texas Panda Power Funds and Siemens Energy Inc. dedicated the... Read More
The sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. And that's a big hurdle for communities using or considering the use of renewable energy sources like wind or solar power. However, Brian Osuch has more from a... Read More
• El Segundo Energy Center in California officially dedicated • Two Flex-Plant™ combined cycle power islands from Siemens Energy• 550 megawatts (MW) of efficient and flexible electricity• 300 megawatts (MW) in less than 10... Read More
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