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Today, as every year, Siemens will honor in Munich particularly ingenious researchers as Inventors of the Year. The winners of this year's award – ten scientists from Germany, Austria, the U.S and Denmark – are together... Read More
Siemens provides $100,000 investment of automation hardware and trainingGov. Deal and thought leaders discuss the skills gap and economic opportunitiesSiemens-Kia-THINC foster public-private partnership for workforce trainingAt... Read More
Siemens software to help drive new HP 3D printers' full potentialMulti-material capability to enable assemblies to be replaced by a single partAdditive manufacturing technology to provide voxel level printing controlSiemens... Read More
Infrastructure Matters: Better Infrastructure Means Building SmarterBy 2050, two-thirds of the world's population is expected to live in cities. With current U.S. infrastructure earning a D+ grade by The American Society of... Read More
The next step in 3D printing could be something called mobile manufacturing. Siemens researchers in Princeton, New Jersey have developed prototype spider-like robots that can work collaboratively to print structures and... Read More
Santa has updated his centuries old factory with digital enterprise software. He decided to update due to the high demand of creating toys for children all over the world. Santa is also going green, utilizing wind from the North... Read More
• Siemens continues more than 200 million dollar in-kind software grant to prepare future manufacturing and engineering workforce• New research partnership bolsters longstanding relationship – more than $3 million, inclusive of... Read More
• Siemens and Silicon Valley combine engineering and entrepreneurship to forge breakthrough technologies, harness the power of data and make 'real' things. • Frontier Partner program grants 3D printing and robotics-focused... Read More
· Real-time, airport data system is the first-of-its-kind to be installed at a U.S. airport· Siemens technology helps to provide enhanced information flow and new level of data analysis not previously available· Platform... Read More
Study specifically evaluates broader economic impact totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in business sales and several thousand jobs through public transportation and energy efficiency building upgrades in two U.S. cities –... Read More
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